Microsoft Excel and SAP Fiori Libraries OData

Hey guys,

Now SAP is moving apps to fiori, this is web-base platform based on HTML5 and JavasScript. There are thousand of fiori apps that SAP released. Instead of go to SAP Fiori portal to search apps and information related, we also can use Microsoft Excel to load OData from SAP Fiori libraries. Data loaded in Excel will help us search Fiori apps faster but you need to understand Fiori OData SAP provided.

In this article, i will show you basic steps to connect to SAP Fiori Libraries and some key tables then you can use by yourself actively.

SAP provided to us OData services what we can use to access Fiori libraries without go to SAP Portal.

Microsoft Excel already provide to user tools to connect with other sources like Database Engine Driver, Odata,..and others services. Below i will show you step by step to connect Microsoft Excel and SAP Fiorio Libraries OData services

Step 1: Add OData services into Microsoft Excel

My Microsoft Excel i am using Excel 2016 currently.

  1. Go to Data tab in main menu
  2. Choose “Get Data” and expand group
  3. Choose “From Other Sources
  4. Choose “From OData Feed

The popup OData feed will show

  1. Choose “Basic
  2. Enter URL of SAP Fiori Libraries OData ( ) into Textbox.
  3. Click “Ok

After loading few second, you will be the result appear with detail tables SAP provided in OData feed. There are three areas.

  1. Search Box: Where can search dataset with name.
  2. Display: Where display all SAP Fiori App Libraries tables.
  3. Data preview: Where you can see data preview before load to Excel sheet.

If you choose “Transform Data” button then query editor will appear

Click “Save and Load” button, data will be load to Excle sheet.

2. Useful tables in SAP Fiori Libraries OData

  • Release*** tables, those tables content information of SAP HANA released. Here you can load to Excel and search version of SAP S4 HANA used in your project.
  • ApplicationComponent Table, this table content all components what SAP Fiori supported.
  • Videos_links table, this table help you link fiori apps with instruction videos
  • Notes table content all SAP Notes related with Fiori Apps.

There are many useful tables provided by SAP Odata services, you can look into …

Let me know if any idea or interesting information about this OData services.


Cuong Dang


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