SAP CAR-POSDM Sales Receipt Logical Structure

Hi Guys,

I will show you the basic concept of objects in sales receipt in SAP CAR – POSDM. In some articles, i was talked about retails, SAP CAR and POSDM.

Yeah, but what are base information in one sale receipt ?. Picture below will show you objects on one receipt.

Basically, one receipt will contain three main part.

First is header, header contain information of retailer, transaction information.

Second is goods information, Items you bough (item code, quantity, Unit of Measure, Unit price, total amount….)

Third is Payment information, payment group define kind of payment method, amount and additional information of payment method.

SAP CAR – POSDM provided to us a standard objects can have in receipt. Other than three group of information what i mentioned above. SAP also define objects what can capture more information for reporting / analysis purpose.

To understand logical objects, will help you easy to consult to customer and adapt requirements.



  1. ThangNN: Hi Cuong, for the tender I see the relationship is 1:1 with Credit or Debit Card. But I believe during payment, customer can use one more credit card to do payment for the same receipt.
    Do you think the relationship between tender and credit card/debit card would be 1:n?

    1. Hi Thang, if customer use two card, so in the tender will have to record, each record will link to one card.

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